PhpStorm Advanced Metadata Exporter

As a Silex user I liked Pimple Container Dumper that worked with Silex Idea Plugin to enable code completion for Pimple DI in PhpStorm. But now with Silex EOL'd I have to move to Slim.

I've found no such projects so I had to write my own. Here it is: sandfoxme/phpstorm-metadata-export. It currently supports exporting data from Pimple and has 3 integration middlewares: for Slim, for Silex and for Psr-15 compatible frameworks.

P.S. Code completion support for ArrayAccess containers seem to be currently broken in PhpStorm (WI-33309, WI-35503). So I don't currently recommend replacing Silex Idea Plugin with this library unless you use Pimple in Psr-11 compliant way (like Slim does by default)


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