March Packages on Packagist

I'm continuing to publish useless nih junk on the Packagist:

  • arokettu/arithmetic-parser: A very configurable arithmetic parser and calculator. You can define your own set of functions and operators. You can even disable multiplication if you want to!

  • arokettu/clock: A set of PSR-20 clock implementations. Everyone has these implemented so why not me? :D

  • arokettu/system-clock: All these PSR-20 clock packages usually contain a ton of clocks for testing purposes but most of the production code needs only new DateTimeImmutable('now') so I extracted SystemClock to a separate package that has only SystemClock.php and composer.json for the smallest possible package (if you don't count uglifying it js-like)

  • arokettu/kilo-mega: This one was actually released on February but I've forgot to write about it. It's a simple formatter for metric prefixes.

    echo format_metric(1000, suffix: 'W'); // 1.0 kW
    echo format_bytes(1234); // 1.2 KiB

Also a new significant release:

  • arokettu/torrent-file: Torrent file class got file listing classes for v1 and v2 metadata in 5.0 release.


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