Rejecting Contributor Covenant

Partially as a follow-up for a previous post. As we now know, the sole purpose of the Contributor Covenant is silencing SJW's political enemies. Luckily Coraline admitted that CC is political so resisting it is also mere politics :D

cc is political

So, a small bunch of thoughts what to do with this crawling occupation regarding events like CCCoC and this recent GitHub issue

Own projects

  • Mirror everything from GitHub somewhere else

  • Do not start new projects on GitHub, use GitLab or Bitbucket

  • Be proactive, adopt Code of Merit or any other meritocratic CoC on your own projects

  • Reject CCCoC, at least try to have a neutral CoC, like Ruby managed to negotiate, for any project you have any weight in

Other projects

  • Do not contribute your time, money and code to any project enforcing CCCoC or any other SJW CoC

Further Reading

Some interesting links on the topic


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